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The original 167 acre site has been divided for development in several phases. The first saw the construction of the new Kaiser Hospital and Medical Facility, The second was Downey Landing. The third was the Downey Studios which evolved into the Promenade at Downey. There are still two phases of development  to be completed.

Promenade at Downey

Throughout the project, architectural nods to Downey's aerospace heritage help create a unique modern aesthetic.  Wing overhangs, a heat shield inspired "splash down" fountain and tensile/fabric shading provide eye-catching details that define the property.

Kaiser Hospital

Work began on the Kaiser Hospital complex in late 1999 and had a grand opening in 2010. The hospital is on the original site of the Building 288 structural test labs.

Downey Landing

The first commercial mall development on the property. This was the orginal site for the back shop buildings and loading docks. The primary chemical processing facilities were located here.

Downey Studios

The original property owners concept of an active film production studio was successful for several years then closed down due to industry and market changes.

Columbia Memorial Space Center

An agreement with NASA on the property sale included the creation of a public education facility to honor the heritage of the Aerospace accomplishments on the site. The Columbia Memorial Space Center was opened in 2009.

Discover Park

The city of Downey retained a portion of the property for a public park development called Discover Park.

Phase 4

Downey site frontage on Lakewood Blvd. will be part of a Phase 4 development of the property.

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