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This is a list of recommended books on the Apollo Program which have been reviewed by us and the Pioneers and found to be accurate and or note worthy.


Apollo Expeditions to the Moon: The NASA History 50th Anniversary Edition (Dover Books on Astronomy) Hardcover – Illustrated, April 17, 2019

by Edgar M. Cortright (Author), Paul Dickson (Foreword)


The decades-long love story of a NASA commander and the leader of the Astronaut Wives Club

Far Side of the Moon is the untold, fully authorized story of the lives of Frank and Susan Borman. One was a famous astronaut—an instrumental part of the Apollo space program—but the other was just as much a warrior. This real-life love story is far from a fairy tale.

Life as a military wife was beyond demanding, but Susan always rose to the occasion. When Frank joined NASA and was selected to command the first mission to orbit the moon, that meant putting on a brave face for the world as her husband risked his life for the space race. The pressure and anxiety were overwhelming, and eventually Susan's well-hidden depression and alcoholism finally came to light. Frank had to come to terms with how his "mission above all else" mentality contributed to his wife's suffering. As Susan healed, she was able to begin helping others who suffered in silence from mental illness and addiction.

Discover how Frank and Susan's love and commitment to each other is still overcoming life's challenges, even beyond their years as an Apollo commander and the founder of the Astronaut Wives Club.

A great read! Enjoyed this well written story that peeks behind the curtain of fame. JB

“Few people know the real story behind the building of Apollo, but Mike Gray has managed to capture the drama and excitement of those urgent times. This is a fascinating book full of lessons about what America can achieve with vision and teamwork.” ―Buzz Aldrin

Centuries from now, when the Cold War is as remote as the War of Roses and the passions of our time have faded into footnotes, humanity will still remember July 16, 1969, the day the first human beings departed from earth bound for a landing on the moon. Angle of Attack turned out to be a story of ordinary people organized for an extraordinary purpose. It is an anthem to human cleverness, and it is a vivid reminder of what we are capable of when we choose to follow leaders with courage and vision.

A classic about Apollo and the Downey site and Stormy. Mike did a great job here. JB

Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made Man's First Journey to the Moon Kindle Edition

by Robert Kurson  (Author) 


Project Apollo: The Moon Landings, 1968–1972 (America in Space Series, 4) Hardcover – Illustrated, September 28, 2017

by Eugen Reichl  (Author)

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