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Downey Site Demolition

The Boeing Company left the Downey NASA Site on December 31st 1999. The property was then transferred from NASA to GSA. Disposition of the property followed a long and complex procedure until it was offered to the City of Downey at a very low cost..The City of Downey purchased the property and began a long development project to replace the lost revenue from the previous use.

Demolition of the building site did not begin for several years. The new Kaiser Hospital tenants did however commence plans for demolition of the first major structure, Building 288.

This page is in work to show the complex details of the demolition of 70 years of aerospace history.


Views looking SW from the east entrance to Bldg 1 Annex. The building on the horizon is Kaiser Hospital. Photo taken May 2015


View looking due East from the east entrance to Bldg 1 Annex. Bellflower Blvd. is on the horizon. Photo taken May 2015

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