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Sacred Ground

This Downey Industrial site has a long and rich history of aerospace contributions. In 2010 the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics selected it as the Aerospace Historic Site of the Year. This was the site of the first folded wing aircraft designed by Bert Kinner. It was the design and  manufacturing site for the Vultee BT-13 Tranier aircraft.

After the second World War North American Aviation developed the rocket and missile technologies that would later  launch the ICBM and Cruise missile projects.

The 1960's brought on the Space Race and the site became home to the Apollo Design and Production Program. All of the Apollo Spacecraft that took men to the moon were built here.

Finally it was the Production Design center for the Space Shuttle Orbiters. All of the Crew Module sections and Aft Engine structures were built here. The heritage of this site truly makes it "Sacred Ground".

                                                                                             G.A. Blackburn 2012

Since 1929 there have been several companies who have called this site home. The list below has a rich history of contributions to the aerospace industry. It is estimated that these companies  where responsible for over a quarter of a million careers.

EMSCO - 1929

Champion Aircraft

Security Aircraft - 1930

Baker Tools - 1931

Vultee Aircraft - 1933

Consolidated Vultee - 1935

North American Aviation - 1946

Rockwell International - 1973

Boeing Corporation - 1996

Industrial Realty Group - 2003

Downey Studios - 2003

Alberta Development - 2011

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