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Edward Morris Smith was well known throughout the harness racing circuits; and the world petroleum, automotive and allied industries in which he had been actively engaged for more than half a century. Born in Pittsburgh, Pa., he early entered upon a career that brought him into close contact with industrial production, where his genius for organization and development brought rapid success and resulted in further undertakings in manufacturing on a large scale. At one time he was the active head of more than a dozen industrial organizations throughout the nation.

At the time of his death Mr. Smith was president of the Globe Oil Tools Company of Los Nietos, Calif., manufacturer of the E. M. Smith Patented Starting Gate which he developed, and a complete line of oil well drilling tools which are distributed throughout the entire petroleum world by branches and representatives in the various fields.

Among other successful companies he organized and directed the Emsco Steel Products Company and the Emsco Tool Company of Los Angeles, Calif., during the early twenties, which companies later were merged as the Emsco Derrick & Equipment Company, one of the foremost manufacturing and sales organizations in its field for many years? He also organized the E. M. Smith Company of Los Angeles, later the Grizzly Manufacturing Company, which now operates one of the leading manufacturing plants supplying brake linings and allied products to the national automotive market, located at Pauding, O. He also was a pioneer in aviation, having organized the Emsco Aircraft Company during the late twenties, which, at that early date, did much toward the development of the type of aircraft known as the flying wing.

Mr. Smith also was widely known for his many philanthropic activities, having devoted much of his time and wealth to various religious and charitable organizations.

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