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Memorial Benches

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The NASA Industrial Plant in Downey was home to some of the most important engineering minds and accomplishments in the past eight decades.

From aircraft to missles to spacecraft, the companies and employees that have been a part of the Downey's Site history have delivered on the challenges presented to them, to accomplish tasks that others thought were only dreams.

For more than 70 years the Downey NASA Site was home to the greatest engineering accomplishment in mankinds history. The machines that would carry men to the moon were made here. The dreams of exploration beyond our planet would be realized from here. This website will tell the story of that place - "America's Spaceship Factory "

Apollo One Memorial

The Star Sailors

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JWST Status

Ted Brown


If there is something you like or feel needs correction, please contact us so we can resolve any issues. This is meant to be a labor of love of the great memories of working in the "Spaceship Factory".A significant part of my life was invested there along with thousands of others, It has been sacred ground to many and needs to be remembered.

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